The Clean Shave. 2008

The Clean Shave. 2008

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The Clean Shave. 2008.

There are psychological layers to this painting; the desire for a fresh start, how I saw myself at the time, and how I wanted to be seen. 

The dynamic movements of the central figure representing the shaving actions is me. The additional heads that show me in the bearded and clean poses have been cut away from the body and framed on the main wall as self portraits for interior decoration.

The reason for presenting them as removed was to symbolise that they are ideal versions of how I wanted to see myself and be seen, an additional implication of this is the way in which the hand holding the razor also looks like it’s gripping the edge of the bearded portrait and obscuring my actual face, substituting who I am with a false version. Note that the only actual depiction of me is obscured by hands and splashing water, I would still rather not show the real me. 

The core message is an optimistic one, but on a superficial level. I still had a process to go through before arriving at a place of certainty and inner contentment. A clean shave may make me feel like a new person, but only for so long.


    Original Art by Phil Davis Art. 

    Oil on canvas. Signed and framed in beechwood frame with glass and mount.

    45 cm x 38 cm


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