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Get in touch now to commission your own original painting!
Although I do my best to cater to your budget and specific requirements, please understand that each painting and it's undertaking is ultimately unique and the process isn't an exact science.
However the best way to ensure there is a smooth transaction, in which the deadline and money agreed upon doesn't enter the possibility of going past the time or having to go over budget, is to be as specific as possible in the form.
Below is a guide of what to consider before committing.

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Ultimately the two most important things! Thinking about how much money you're comfortable with spending; minimum, maximum, and ABSOLUTE maximum(by which I mean the cut off point on additional spending for overtime if there are any issues.)
Also size; Whilst you want the right size for the wall you ultimately want a painting that pops, and the scale determines the appropriate application of paint, detail, and time involved. The application that works on small scale simply doesn't work on big scale and vice versa, so this is something to really think about.

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The other thing to consider is every single aspect of the brief for your commission; is it a portrait, figure study, landscape or cityscape? the narrative, composition and arrangement of the details(buildings, figures etc)you want included, the main colour palette and mood etc.
If it's a landscape of a favourite place, or a portrait of a family member or friend, please be sure to have ALL the correct photographs(high resolution)to hand for me to use as reference points.
Remember that detail is key for a smoother process so please be as thorough as possible, and know more or less exactly want you want in the painting before committing. Maximum direction is vital!

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Something to take into account is that I sometimes work with more than one client at the same time. So if your commission is a gift for somebody and you have a specific deadline in mind for the special occasion, ideally it's best for you to plan far ahead in order to guarantee that it will arrive on time. 
Another thing to account for is delivery. If you are based in the UK then delivery should function as normal, but now that Britain has left the EU shipping processes into Europe have changed, become slower, and more labour intensive. So if the commission is going to an address in the continent, it is doubly important to think ahead on your preferred deadline as delivery to anywhere in the EU will now take longer.

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One thing to understand is that once you proceed with the final commission it is a binding contract in accordance with the information, direction, and cost you've agreed to at the beginning, and cannot be breached or drastically altered in any way during the process.
Once you've submitted the details of your brief to me, I will start by producing a preliminary sketch based on the information and references you provide. After the sketch is finished I will then share it with you in order to make sure you are happy with the direction.
It is important to remember that I charge a non refundable deposit(20% of the total quote)for working on the sketch. If you then decide to go ahead and commit, you will be charged at the end for the remaining amount once the final painting is complete.
During the actual process, I will be keeping in semi regular contact with progress images and updates in order to make sure the painting remains entirely on track and to your satisfaction.
If, for whatever reason you decide not to commit to a final commission after review of the preliminary sketch, you will only be charged for the deposit.

Flaming Acers At La Chateau


The final painting will immediately be delivered to your address once I have  received confirmation of the final payment, and will not be delivered before, or during pending transaction, without exception. 
Details for delivery and shipping costs can be viewed here.

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I appreciate that I've given you a lot to think about with everything, but it's only because I believe fully in what I do with my business, and I want you to have 100% satisfaction with the work that I do.
If you want further proof of my dedication and commitment to the work I do for my clients, feel free to look at the past examples of commissions I've undertaken, and the reviews by my clients.

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Fill out all specifications you have for your particular commission in the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for submitting!

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