Ymir. 2009

Ymir. 2009

Ymir. 2009


The paintings from this period represent a desire to combine landscape art with portraiture using architectural detail as a template. I termed this process 'Architecturalism'


For this piece I wanted to explore an interest in mythology by portraying the Norse frost giant Ymir. 


Ymir was the primordial being predating worldly phenomena and is thought to be from whom all living things are descended. He is also known as the founder of the race of frost giants, and the grandfather of Odin. Odin and his brothers eventually slay Ymir, dismembering him and utilising his body parts to fashion the cosmos, using his flesh to make the earth and his blood to make the seas, thus creating the new world order. 


I visualised Ymir’s primordial form as being of colossal scale, almost like that of a mountain. A hard frosty glacier that looks eerily human but not quite, an incomprehensible being floating in space. 


Unlike most accounts which speak of his dismemberment at the hands of Odin, I wanted to present his destruction more symbolically as the melting of the ice that is his body.


    Original Art by Phil Davis Art. 

    Oil on canvas. Signed and framed in beechwood frame with glass and mount.

    45 cm x 38 cm


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