Architecturalism 2. Adult. 2009

Architecturalism 2. Adult. 2009

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Architecturalism 2. Adult. 2009


'Adult' the second painting of the diptych presents the issues of the first, with a similar colour palette and the same architectural aesthetic of churches and castles. 


The issue of mental illness in this piece concerns the struggle of adult male identity and the problems with masculinity. As a generation we are finally beginning to understand and accept mental health. As such however it remains primitive in certain respects, culturally there still exists an ingrained mentality that encourages men to suppress emotional vulnerability and instead to be strong and calm, to be ‘men’. Strength and calm is definitely positive in certain situations, but when it’s encouraged to repress troubling personal issues, its very damaging.

This painting presents the personal torments of the troubled adult in crisis, and the conflicts concerning being a man. Although following the same aesthetic as Adolescence, the texture is rougher and harder to imply older age, experience and adult responsibility. The inner turmoil here is presented as more intense and violent as a result of remaining buried for a long time. The ‘manly’ instinct to suppress and persevere is clearly not a way of fixing this inner turmoil, and only makes it brew till it desperately needs release, demonstrated by the intense flood of tears.  

Like in ‘Adolescence’ there is the half in and half out pose behind the safe haven of the door, which shows the adults conflict on whether to retreat so as to not be seen in a 'weak' state, or to cross the painful hurdle and accept the moments of needing help.


Once again it invites the viewer to offer sympathy for those in crisis with such an issue and who may need help.


    Original Art by Phil Davis Art. 

    Oil on canvas. Signed and framed in beechwood frame with glass and mount.

    45 cm x 38 cm


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