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Although it's slightly delayed in my posting(partly thanks to this being my first proper attempt at blog writing, which so far doesn't come naturally, so please bear with me)I wanted to share a personal tribute, and I suppose continued thanks to the organisers of the wonderful event that is the Flux Exhibition.

After all the shenanigans that we have gotten used to/had to adapt to for the last two years with the covid pandemic, it was lovely to get back to a time where people could socialise ad bond on a relatively normal level again without distancing worries, and in which myself and fellow artists could exhibit their work at exhibitions once more, without the risks of venues closing or lack of overall attendance.

This particular exhibition remains close to my heart since I first participated back in 2017. In all the times I have exhibited, it has been an enormous privilege to be a part of an environment in which I have always felt welcome, encouraged, and supported. The team of organisers and artists, in addition to being super talented individuals are amongst the warmest and most endearing people I have personally met, and I can happily get on board with the term Flux Family, because it most certainly applies to everybody involved.

In addition to this, she has also published the Flux Review magazine, which further showcases the work and profiles of some of the already featured artists, also aims to champion the portfolio of new and emerging ones. The magazine like the exhibition continues to grow and grow, and now has wide exposure in major outlets across the world.

It is been an enormous blessing for me to be a part of this incredible event and reality, and i wish it continuous success for Lisa, her partner Phil Richens, and all of the team and artists involved. Everybody deserves it.

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