An Illustrative Journey.

This is my first official blog.

For anyone reading do forgive the amateurish nature of it! 😂 Until I grasp what to write and how to write for this section it will look a bit like lacklustre. All the same I thought I'd at least upload my first post.

This first one showcases my illustrations for educational primary school books I did in China. I was commissioned to produce drawings for english fairy tales and fables such as Beowulf and the tale of King Alfred and the burning cakes amongst others.

Having never really considered illustration as a medium in my practice, stylistically this was certainly a departure for me as an artist and involved a getting back to basics approach.

Indeed the absence of needing to painting helped with this because drawing by default has always been the medium I'm most comfortable with, and I could let the emotional and instinctive part of my process take over.

I've always enjoyed the process of how a spiders web eventually finds its complex pattern, and I apply drawing the same way. The marks are spontaneous and entirely governed my on the spot feeling until eventually it all makes sense.

The point that I want to make is sometimes the purest visual results as an artist can be achieved through not overthinking it and just letting go, and letting your own personality shine through.

Beowulf. Fighting The Dragon

Belling The Cat. From Aesops Fairytales.

A life lesson. From 'King Alfred And The Burning Cakes'

The chain reaction. from 'Not My Problem'