The Flux Exhibition

My second official blog on the same day!

In this current climate with the covid 19 pandemic, the art market and the creative industries have been hit hard. Galleries, shows, theatres and venues all over the country are closing, and exhibitions are fewer and further between, those that are struggling to keep going are abiding by now very strict measures and are working hard as possible to sustain themselves in this difficult and unsettling time where numbers and sales have definitely dwindled everywhere.

which is why at this time I reflect and appreciate the fond memories I have of some of the galleries I've had the pleasure to exhibit with, and that one day I hope to exhibit with again, and one of those is the Flux Exhibition.

The Flux Exhibition is the brainchild of Lisa Gray, who in addition to organising Flux also continues to manage the Flux Review magazine both as the printed and online showcase for the established and emerging artists from all over the world who over the years have become part of the Flux family. I use the term family to describe my experience with because for those other artists who have also taken part, they will know exactly what I mean! Never has a group of people made me feel as welcome and as alive in my continued ambitions towards being an artist as this exhibition.

I've immensely enjoyed being a part of it ever since taking part for the very first time at the Chelsea College Of Art back in 2017, her dedication and passion towards the development and unfolding of this exhibition has been truly inspiring, and it is a warming feeling to be a part of working for someone so warm and rewarding to the artist's she helps to promote and showcase.

My sincere hope is that one day when all of this is over, or at least manageable for everybody I can go back to exhibiting with it again and being a part of the team.

For more information on the Flux Exhibition and the Flux Review, Just click the image! 👉